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cosmos hitech fetish

as you know this blog is about viral and word-of-mouth marketing mainly and viral microsites are an appropriate way to gain attention or pushing a campaign. a viral microsite normally is a small temporary website with just a few pages, supporting or leading an advertising campaign. the sites don’t have to provide that much content because you get redirected to the product/company website at any time. the is a teaser telling an interesting story, being unusual or arty. the viral microsite can be the stage for a viral clip or series of pictures/photos. products or companies can be presented in a more casual way as the normal corporate website allows it. in the majority of cases they come with its own domain name like (blog post) or napster’s (blog post).

now has launched a viral microsite called showing half-naked women and men in fetish situations with hitech equipment.

nice photos and the site will surely gain some attention in the and the internet because of the “sex sells” ingredient. nevertheless these viral marketing campaigns or microsites often don’t boost the distribution of a product or service in a couple of days but rather support the brand in a more long-term perspective because of gaining attention – the most valuable commodity in advertising.

(thanks to for the hint)

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