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battle of the ad blogs

in the early morning i received an email from hostmaster informing me that i’m in the .

maybe it is less a battle than a nice list of advertising blogs all over the world. many of them i know already from my daily blogroll and some of them personally, but there are a couple of interesting new ones to explore. some days ago i found the nice swedish ad blog for example (not yet in this list), but even if your swedish is non-existing – like mine – you can find some cool links, pictures and ads there.

at the my blog is listed in the category “” as “netzkobold” (have to scroll down a bit).

so please feel free to explore this “” or read the corresponding adland blog entries #1 and #2.

the votes will run until friday february 10th and the verdict of the worlds ad blog readers will be announced at .

battle of the ad blogs

(updated – january 23. 2006 at 11:09: added the second adland blog entry, changed inline picture cause of the badge on the right and added the link to my exact category.)

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