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apple wwdc 2008 steve jobs keynote live

i’m following the right now and reading

“iphone 2.0 software has three parts to it: enterprise support, the sdk, and some new end-user features. ‘let me start with the enterprise. customers have demanded microsoft exchange, so they’ve built it in out of the box for 2.0 software: push email, push contacts, push calendar, auto-discovery of exchange severes, global address lookup, and remote wipe security feature. all built in to iphone 2.0 software. they’ve added secure vpn services from cisco and other network service demanded by the enterprise market. everything that apple was told enterprise users want, they’ve built in.”

reminded me of a conversation which i had with my brother in law regarding the enterprise capabilities of the iphone and that at that point it wasn’t quite ready for enterprises’ security and exchange requirements. in a later i have been quoted

“if things like this are available, companies will give employees a choice of an iphone vs. the blackberry,” says frederik hermann, director of global marketing at .

so i guess now enterprises will seriously consider to replace the old rubbish blackberries against apple iphones 🙂

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