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ajax goes instant messaging – meebo

meebotoday i got the hint from a friend to check out – a new ajax-based instant messaging web-application.

yes, you got it right. combines several instant messaging protocols like icq, aim, yahoo messenger, msn, jabber and gtalk like the well known client.

the big difference is, you don’t need to install any client! is a completely “install-free” web-application developed with (asynchronous javascript and xml).

many friends of mine work at offices, where it is not possible to install any client software or they don’t get a connection because some ports are blocked (company firewalls and so forth).

could be the solution, it enables you to access your instant messaging clients via a normal website in your browser (which corporate environments typically do not heavily restrict). furthermore gives you the look & feel of a client app (moving the chat windows without any reload, drag & drop, …).

i tried it out and it really works fine with my icq-account, i was definitely impressed.

“2006 looks set to be the year of the web application.”

wrote today.

check out and i’m anxious to see what’s coming next.

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