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1&1 email server down

after german service provider seems to have serious problems now.

i was quite a fan of , having 23 domains and tons of emails hosted there, but since noon (january 17. 2007, pst) my imap account started to make problems and went completely down afterwards – my main imap inbox (more than 8000 emails) is gone now and their is down as well.

while searching for help i found out that they shut down the email support completely and when calling their helpline (fortunately 24 hour support) a women’s voice said that they are aware of a problem regarding emails and they are working on it.

hope it will be fixed soon, i’m/they are screwed when all these mails are lost. seems that we all have to go back to to keep several local backups.

update – january 17. 2007, 19:07: email is back up again and i’m very happy about it!
and obviously i missed to read the within the last two days …

update – january 18. 2007, 14:03: i can access my mails via imap again but the server times out all the time, so it’s still pretty crappy and isn’t fun to work with. they gotta improve that or i have to switch to a new provider.

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