Frederik is a senior marketing executive passionate about technology and innovation with a focus on marketing strategy, user acquisition and growth.

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This week’s guest is Frederik Hermann, the VP of Digital Marketing at software startup Beekeeper. We met two years ago when he started the role and have worked together directly since then.

Interestingly enough, Frederik studied in Karlsruhe, near my hometown. He has lived in California for almost two decades, serving as a marketing leader for various startups.

In today’s conversation, we talk about the turbulent year that 2023 has been so far – and why AI changes everything.

Frederik shares with us how he measures engagement and happiness in his team, what he looks for when he hires, and what it takes to progress from individual contributor to VP.

The Start-Up (R)evolution Podcast with Viola Eva

This show is about rethinking leadership paradigms. When I say leadership, I am not talking about your title or seniority level, or being in upper management. What we are talking about is enabling oneself and others to do what is right, and lead our communities towards a better future. We believe that mental well-being belongs in the boardroom, breath work and ice baths in our team retreats and sustainability in our product development. On this show, we explore the entrepreneurial zeitgeist with the aim to work and lead differently. We invite those to the show who are not just dominant in their field, but that are kind, compassionate and want to make a difference.


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