Frederik is a senior marketing executive passionate about technology and innovation with a focus on marketing strategy, user acquisition and growth.

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Managing and Optimizing Multi-Channel Campaigns With Frederik Hermann In Conversation With Alex Gluz At The Revenue Engine Podcast

Frederik Hermann is a senior marketing executive focused on driving success through innovative and impactful marketing strategies. He excels in developing and leading global teams, executing campaigns, and delivering measurable results.

Frederik is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Beekeeper, a mobile-first platform designed for deskless employees. Additionally, he serves as a mentor for Swissnex and UpWest Labs.

In this episode

Digital marketing is sometimes treated as a single topic, but there are many complex aspects under its umbrella. Lead generation, email marketing, social media, CRO, website development, and much more are all key responsibilities for marketing leadership. How do you unify so many diverse roles to work together?

The simplest yet most challenging component is the team itself. Organizing and helping a competent team can make these lofty goals manageable. As a leader, there are essential tips and strategies to support your team and achieve your company’s vision.

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz talks with Frederik Hermann, the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Beekeeper, to discuss multi-channel campaigns and how to manage teams. They walk through thought leadership, pipeline growth, and leveraging modern marketing technology. They also touch on the newest opportunities for marketers in 2024.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Strategies for optimizing multi-channel campaigns
  • Marketing through thought leadership
  • The best way to nurture pipeline growth
  • Is modern technology helping or complicating marketing?
  • The greatest opportunities for marketers in 2024
  • Understanding and managing churn in employees

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