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The B2B Content Show: Training AI to deliver better buyer intent data


Buyers buy when they wanna buy.

Not when you want them to buy.

Not when you really NEED them to buy.

Your prospects buy only when they’re good and ready, on their own timescale.

Hence the necessary evil of content marketing.


If you had some clues, some signals that an ideal prospect was in the market, maybe, just maybe, you could create and distribute content more strategically and see better marketing ROI.

In this episode, Frederik Hermann, VP of Digital Marketing at Beekeeper, goes deep into his system for getting better buyer intent signals.

If it’s in your interest to know more about buyer behavior and intent, this one is a must listen!

The B2B Content Show is produced by Connversa, a b2b content agency that helps you showcase your special sauce and get your ideal customers to know, like, and trust you.

Jeremy Shere, Founder & CEO

Jeremy Shere is founder and CEO of Connversa, a B2B podcast production agency that helps B2B brands connect with decision makers, generate TONS of content, and establish thought leadership.


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